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"The Moment"

Yoko&Yuki Duo Project 1st Album

Yoko Suzuki (Piano, Composer/Arranger)

Yuki Kodama (Bass, Composer)


Guest : 

Phil Grenadier (Tp)

Shane Dähler (Drums)

Jim Odgren (A.Sax)

Alida Mackeon (Vocal)

Recording engineer : Ivan Cheung

Mixing engineer : Jason Mountario

Mastering engineer : Farhan Sarasin

Photographs : Yuki Nakata

Design : Yuki Kodama

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〈Disc 1〉

It's a collection of the best performances from the concerts in 2016-17.

1. The Heat's On
2. Get Up!
3. Lavender(comp. by Yuuki Shinojima)
4. It Had Better Be Tonight
5. Hunting Wabbits
6. Let’s Go to Work
7. 500 Years
8. Hometown(comp. by Yoko Suzuki)
9. She or Me(comp. by Yoko Suzuki)
10. In a Mellow Tone
11. The Cat

〈Disc 2〉

"NEWTIDE JAZZ ORCHESTRA meets Akira Jimbo" at Motion Blue Yokohama

It includes the full set of the performance with Legendary Drummer, Akira Jimbo!

1.E-Mail(comp. by Yoko Suzuki)
2.Honeysuckle rose
3.Feelin' good
4.Wicked(comp. by Akira Jimbo, Arr. by Yoko Suzuki)
5.Mambo De la luz
6.The Chicken
7.Drum duo
8.Jimbomba(comp. Akira Jimbo, Arr. by Yoko Suzuki)
10.Mid-Manhattan(comp. by Akira Jimbo, Arr. by Yuuki Shinojima)


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