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My Composition Won The 43rd Annual Student Music Award

by Downbeat Magazine


I’m very honored to announce that my composition “Hmmmm” won The Student Music Award by Downbeat Magazine for original composition for large ensembles! Hmmmm...!!!

I’d like to thank to all the members of Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra 2019 for playing my composition beautifully, especially to our director and my mentor, Greg Hopkins, Kenton Dick for the great soprano sax, Aaron Hayashi for the beautiful intro and solo, Robert Mac Vega-Dowda for such a delicate solo... and my lovely singer Sarah Marie Bugeja!!!

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 12.23.24 PM.JP

And big thanks to Berklee Harmony & Jazz Composition department for all your support.

Also, I’m really happy to see all my friends and rivals as winners and outstanding musicians.

Congratulations everyone!!

Especially, I’m so glad to co-win this with my beloved person who’s been very supportive and been my biggest rival, Jason Mountario...!

I’ll keep writing and playing!!

This winning composition is available on my Youtube channel, so check it out from the button below!

ジャズ雑誌のダウンビートマガジンで行われた、"The Student Music Award"において、私の自作曲 “Hmmmm"がCo-Winnerとして入選しました!



素晴らしい演奏をしてくれた、Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestraのメンバー、特に私の師匠であり、バンドの指揮者でもあるグレッグ、ソリストたち、そして私の大好きなシンガーであるサラには感謝でいっぱいです!




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