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I just started online lessons for arranging/composing!

This is going to be a private lesson with you and it can be very flexible about the time schedule, the contents of the lessons.

Please contact me if you have anything you want to learn about arranging and composing! 

Then, you can get more details to consider.

This is recommended for people who...

"I want to bring my original lead sheets to the jam session,

but I'm not confident about how to write it..."

CAT Tracks 1.jpg

"I want to write my original arrangement/composition

for my band,

but I don't know how to arrange for horns..."

CAT Tracks 2.jpg
CAT Tracks 2.jpg

"I want to write an arrangement for the big band,

but I don't know what kind of voicing can sound well"

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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