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New Video Released! "I am Me"



I have composed this song in the airplane and recorded in the hotel during the self-quarantine. I forgot to bring the tripod for the iPhone, but I could somehow take a video. lol

I hope you enjoy! And please subscribe my Youtube channel too!

"I am Me"

Recorded in September, 2020

Composed/Keyboard by Yoko Suzuki

Mixed/Mastered by

Jason Mountario

<Youtube Version (better quality)>

2020 is totally unusual for everyone and it changed so many people's life, but let's not forget who we are! And I believe whatever happened motivates me as a musician and also I wish my music gives you some courages.

2020年は本当に何もかもがいつもと違っていて、たくさんの人の人生すら変えてしまったと思います。 それでも自分をしっかり持っていれば、音楽家としても人としても立っていけると信じています。そして、この曲が少しでも皆さんに勇気を与えてくれれば幸いです。

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